Some Riding Tips for Long Rides

Some of the tips for safe riding on long drives.

  • Avoid drinks on the night before the ride. Have proper sleep and loud enough alarms 🙂
  • Dressing: Helmet, Gloves, Proper Shoes, Comfortable Pants avoiding any tight fits. Riding jacket is the best if not knee and elbow guards. The balaklava mask is very handy as well.
  • Carry the bike documents, license and any personal identity card.
  • Optimum speed – 60 to 70 kph for towns and cities and sightseeing. At this speed you can have sightseeing and at the same time you have full control on the bike even in unfamiliar roads plus fuel economy and no fatigue. On the highways optimum would be 80 kph form group riding and 90-110 kph for solo (experienced riders).
  • Breaks can be once every 1.5 hr/70 kms. Too many brakes will not give the feel of a long drive. Avoid headsets while riding especially high traffic roads and avoid too much munching, you do not find toilets everywhere :D.
  • In a pack or formation: One biker would be the head (navigator) of the pack and one would be the tail (safety). All the other bikes would be riding in between the head and the tail riders.
  • Proper usage of beams, horns and indicators to alert the pack or other traffic.
  • Maintaining about 3 feet from the left edge of the road all the time, most imp during hair pin bends.
  • Usage of proper gears and brakes to control the speed rather using the clutch in ghat roads.
  • Longer rides -> Spare keys, Spare Specs, Torches, Bike cables, Lamps etc etc…
  • Get an insurance done.
  • Recently I read an article which says to have lot of water and do some warm up as well before the start of the ride and during the breaks.



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