Riding from West to East Godavari

Started my ride with the available Honda Shine (125 cc) from Bhimavaram in West Godavari dist. Total distance to cover the first day was around 160 kms. Picked the shorter route suggested by google maps to find that the road is full of potholes and dirt.

Reached a place Goneda by noon near Jaggampeta in East Godavari  which is on the highway. Its a very nice place with sugar plantations all around. If you wish to see the greenery of Andhra Pradesh, that is the place. Rice fields, coconut trees, sugar, bullocks, sheep,.. In that region they prepare jaggery from the cane instead of sugar where we tasted hot jaggery for the first time. Next day started to Annavaram at 2:00 a.m in the morning to see the temple on the hilltop. I was the only guy riding a bike on that highway in the dark and foggy weather.

I see people entering the temple at 2:30 a.m. I didn’t understand that. Later started my long journey back home through different route. Had to cross a place called Kadiyam, spread over 11 villages, which is famous for its horticulture. Both the sides of the highway were colorful with flowers and plants I have never seen before. The horticulture nurseries stretched around 5kms and the views were very beautiful.

The best thing I like about small town or villages is when you ask for directions to one person, the way people around him respond, in fact you get confused when everyone will be guiding you.

Altogether the ride was short and sweet.


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