Day Ride and Madhugiri Fort Trekking

At a height of about 3930 ft, Madhugiri fort is built on Asia’s 2nd largest monolithic hill. Nestled on its steep slopes is a fort, once credited to Hyder Ali. A series of doorways leads to the hill. The ruined temple of Gopalakrishna is located at the top and there is a beautiful view of the surrounding area. The climb up hill is not very easy because of very steep sections in between and wind. Located around 43 km north of Tumkur town, and 107 km north-west of Bangalore city.
The ride to that place would be very good. We were 13 guys and around 10 could make to the hill top. If you are exhausted you can rest in some shades on the way, where the water and eatables you carry help you. you would be sweating completely so please carry some items. we have not seen any girls doing the trek on that day. Small steps and steady pace would be good.
Out of the three guys, First one was exhausted due to our ride of around 120 km and may be because he tried to trek faster than others in the beginning. Second one had a phobia for heights and since there was no support to climb for the last 50 to 100 mts, he preferred to rest. Third guy preferred to stay back too. Being a bit obese or age should not be a concern I feel and our age group was 25 to 35 years and many were doing it the first time.
For a trekking beginner, this place would be a great one to start with!!

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