Lahaul Spiti Motorbike Ride – Day 2

Sangla – Rekong Pio – Nako

Sangla 6:00 A.M: Freezing cold it was, thanks to the cramster riding jacket to save my day. Hot water provided by the camp guys in all the places was a premium service indeed. Breakfast served with omelette, pancakes, aloo parotha, cakes was a delicacy. Had a final dose on Diamox tablet to protect from the altitude sickness and started our ride to Nako, which is xx kms from that place.

I was leading with the mechanic following me and then the two avengers along with the follow truck. Covering miles in no time, clicking pics in-between, a beautiful ride it was. Wished my riding buddies too were here on this trip (They were riding in other places for these holidays). Two guys on a unicorn were riding on the same road, was curious to know what they were doing on that route as they didn’t look like riders too. Started a small talk as usual and to know that they are fruit vendors from Sangla going to Rekong Pio to buy the apples and then ship them to Bangalore and Chennai. The guys insisted that they will buy me tea at the next shop on the way. Oops!! Attention again. I loved the hospitality of the people over there. Everyone was helpful in guiding the route or wishing back with a smile when u wave at them or a bow of the head. All kids wave their hands for every rider passing by, sweet and cute were they. I tried to stop at one such group of kids to shake hands, in which only, few were bold enough to come closer.

The ride was going on and on, crossing the streams, overtaking the army trucks, crossing through roads where boulders and rocks keep falling on the roads, Out of nowhere here I see two guys sweeping the roads…. Ahhh…umm… didn’t get watt they were trying to do there. The next stop we had for a tea again, this time the place was like a mechanic shop complete, black with trucks parked all around. Next to it there is a small waterfall where all these truck guys were bathing. In that cold region, this is a hot spring. How does it exist?? Few said nature’s gift and one said its dude to chemical composition of rocks above.

Reached the place, Nako kinner camps by evening. Beautiful was it, seeing nature in all its xxx from the camps in between the hills, we see the snow clad mountains on one side, a beautiful lake and a rainbow on the other, the setting sun, and even the moon on one side. Never seen all together at the same time. You see only the Buddhist red, blue, white coloured flags all over. When enquired about it, was told that the flags have printed prayers on them and the belief is that the prayers will be carried by the winds. First thing to do here was buy some woollen wear or else its going to get worse for me. The village might not have a population of 500, but it had an internet cafe to my surprise. Had first sight of some yaks here and then got a muffler and a blue\violet shawl, the colours which fascinate me these days 😉 Had the famous soup in this region, the tukpa soup made of vegetables and kind of maggie.

End of Day 2


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