Lahaul Spiti Motorbike Ride – Day 5

Kullu – Chandigarh – Delhi – 36 hours of Riding

Kullu 4:15 A.M: Two big guys, one big bike and one big bag set for a ride of 500 + kms and planning to reach by evening. I started the ride maintaining around 60/70 kps in the dark Ghat roads. Company for us on the roads were only the milk and paper vans. After a hour of riding, felt to have some nice tea on the road side the 10 RS and huge glass wala. Felt like sleeping for half an hour more and then ride again. We were tired and the best part there would be no signs of tiredness as long as we are riding. But only when we take a break the bums start paining. Ouuch!! The bike doesn’t start again at 5:15, scaring us when we think about the long distance ahead we had to make and this time it’s just both of us and no mechanic around.

Somehow the bike started and we ride again in the dawn through the beautiful Ghats. We see some green plantation and tress after three days of ride in the rocks and barren deserts. Talking to each other and switching the bike every 60 kms we reached this Swarghat from which a shortcut take you to Chandigarh. This road is the father of Maling nala (the world’s most dangerous road). They are not potholes, they were craters there. A friend defines the vehicles there ‘Any vehicle complete into the crater it’s a small car, any vehicles two tyres into it is an SUV and an vehicle which is avoiding these craters is a truck’. When u just try increasing your speed around 70kph on a smooth patch you will find two truck overtaking each other and in those craters. Deadly road and traffic it was. By 10:00 it started to rain and we stop at a small place on the road side to meet other bikers on a CBR and a GT 535. On the fifth day it was only bikers everywhere every time we stop for a break or food.

The distance to Delhi was decreasing by now 500+ kms to 400+ kms and now to 300+ kms. A sad feeling that the ride is almost over and some beautiful memories to cherish throughout the life. We rode through the states of Himachal, then into Haryana and now in Punjab. We were just admiring the beauty of the Punjab country side; WHHAAMM goes a truck over talking us without any clue or any honk. It is just a beginning. That distance from throughout Punjab I never saw anyone using an indicator. People ride in opposite directions on the NH1 National highway. I could not realise weather Bangalore traffic is so sober or I became a sober guy after the Himalayan ride. Few occasions I use to tell Varun to ride the distance we cross Punjab. Heights -> four girls on a moped on the highway, a guy opening the car door on the move, spits the gutka and closes the door, again on the NH1 highway.


We stopped again this time to have a red bull to get some wings and hit Delhi by 5:00 P.M. On the way we also met a guy who rode alone to Leh Ladhak on a unicorn for 20 days. Around 6:00 p.m. I was near Varun’s home after a ride lasting around 36 hours with 2 hours sleep in between. He has to change his clothes and go to office that day. Hard working guy, LOL J who was on a short ride but finally covered Lahaul Spiti circuit unplanned. He was kind enough to drop me near to a Metro Station from where I can make it to my Uncles place in Delhi. Was there for two days and then flew back to Bangalore. Back to work now stronger and much determined with many life lessons and experiences.

Cheers, Jacinth


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