A ride under the stars!

A blog from a member who joined in as pillion on our recent night ride. An other pillion’s views only reconfirms that motorcycles are happiness for both the riders as well as for pillions 🤘

Ms Mynt

So by now I am well adjusted to the experience of a bike ride. But then there is always an itch to do something new and something exciting. As usual, my wandering mind asked me ‘Mez, What next?’.

Just then I got an invite for a short bike ride to the neighboring state and back. As my eyes scanned over the details of this event, I saw the timing. I silently chuckled thinking there was a typo in the invite, they wrote PM instead of AM in a hurry. On sudden lightening speed realisation, my eyes popped as big as olives, it WAS actually PM. This was not just any ride, this was a night bike ride! (yayyy). It was something I hadn’t done for a long time, so I jumped at accepting the invite without giving it further thoughts.

You could see the invite list going up by the…

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