Road Trip to Gandikota – ‘The Unknown Paradise’

Re-blogging this beautiful blog by Vijayanth! A summary of our ride to Gandikota and belum caves. One of the memorable overnight rides we had with Road Thrill with a couple joining in from Hyderabad and one from Mumbai!


RoadThrill‘s:Gandikota & Belum Caves”  says the subject of the email which popped in my inbox a month ago and at the second moment I made call to my friends successfully convincing them to join me for this trip , which I hope they won’t regret 😉

Gandikota was always been in my wishlist of ‘To-visit Places’ and hence this was one opportunity to mark it off and that too by bike ride. Of course, I am not gonna miss this, so I did my registration venturing the enthusiasm for the upcoming trip. Yay..!

Gandikota is a village in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. Gandikota is known for its fort which lies near the gorge formed by river Pennar with the Erramala hills. The majestic fort entrance has a lot of spikes.

The weekend of 8th -9th August arrived and I was all set with packed saddle…

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2 thoughts on “Road Trip to Gandikota – ‘The Unknown Paradise’

  1. This place looks quite similar to ones through which river Chambal flows in South Rajasthan near Kota. The gorge in my opinion looks much more beautiful since it’s a horse shoe shape at few places. One of them -called Garadia Mahadev, I visited last month and posted in my blog too! Thanks for posting it here. I have heard about this place from another blogger friend before. Looks like a great moto ride!


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