TVS Jupiter vs Hero Maestro

Nowadays scooters are being sold in India in quiet high numbers, and most of the sales volume comes from the 100-110cc category. Hence, it is not surprising that two of the most selling scooters in the country – TVS Jupiter and the Hero Maestro belong to this segment. Regardless of being a piece of a similar troupe, do these two scooters independently have something uncommon to offer? Try not to stress! we are here to analyze both, and help you choose.


Design and Styling

At first glance, it is hard to differentiate one scooter from another. These two scooters are quite similar in terms of dimensions. Design wise none of them are as exciting as one would have hoped. However, Hero Maestro is slightly better in terms of design, and manages to stand out even from the crowd, with its sharp character line and LED tail lamps. Then there are the black finished alloy wheels the exhaust is finished in gunmetal colour and all these are complemented by some exclusive bits like the body-coloured rear grab handle and two-tone rear view mirrors. It is additionally the main bike in this correlation with get a LED tail light, and distinguishing the Maestro from a distance is not really an issue, given the V-formed plan. The Matte Blue colour of the Maestro looks really cool in the scooter.

The Jupiter is not at all a head turner in terms of design, and it is quite conservatively done up in terms of design, but the matte grey coloured Jupiter is definitely better to look at. Additionally TVS offers the scooter in shades like light blue and beige, and both of them are quite unique for a scooter.

Features and Ergonomics

The story stays comparable on the features front. Hero MotoCorp has done a great job with the Maestro and you tend to notice that a considerable measure of thought went into the making of the Indian automaker’s first self-created scooter. It is the main scooter in this correlation, and by a long shot likewise in the segment, to get a semi-digital instrument panel stacked with a trip meter and side stand indicator. Along all these the Maestro also gets a combi brake feature.

The TVS Jupiter gets insightful bits excessively like the low fuel marker and double side handle lock arrangement. A great deal of components have a tendency to stay normal on these bikes with the Maestro and Jupiter getting a pass light switch, outer fuel filler top and mobile charger. However, the mobile charger is not a standard fit.

Engine and Performance

The Maestro comes with a 110.9cc carbureted petrol motor, that can churn out 8.31 bhp of maximum power at 8000 rpm and 8.3 Nm of maximum torque at 6500 rpm. The engine of the  Maestro is completely designed by Hero, and it left a lot to be desired. The engine faces a refinement issue and it is very audible at higher RPMs. You also lose out on low-end power in the process. However, the top end power of the Maestro is a little better than the TVS.

TVS deserves a gesture of congratulations for the refinement levels on this motor, which is further supplemented by the 107kg kerb weight. Not just does it have the perfect low end control making it the fastest out of the two, the Jupiter is similarly refined when revved hard with minimal measure of vibes for the rider.

So if you are in the market and searching for a scooter that can tackle day to day jobs easily, then these two would be best among all the other scooters available in the Indian market right now. Now to make the final choice, the TVS Jupiter seems like a better option in terms of engine and performance and if you want better looks and features then you should opt for the Maestro.

Guest Blog: Aahna Singh


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