Job Hunt – Indian IT Sector

Penned this post for a fried of mine 3 years back. Sharing it here again so that it might benefit any freshers or anyone looking out for jobs in the Indian IT industry. Opportunities are always there and in plenty, just need to spot on or make roads reaching there. Hoping that its still relevant πŸ™‚

1. Uploading CV on popular job search engines Monster, Naukri, Timesjobs, etc – Companies we don’t even will be hiring candidates only from there. Updating CV regularly during active job search, even a full stop or a comma. This keeps the CV in the top among the databases out of thousands of similar CVs.

2. Using powerful keywords in the skill set of the above job sites. Recruiters mostly know keywords, as they are not from technical background and keep searching for them even without looking into the CV at times or during bulk mailing.

3. Proper Resume – First page itself should convey a message to the recruiter that he has found the right candidate for the right job. Few have time initially to see the resume spreading pages and pages.

4. – Its a search engine, from which you can get mail digests of job openings from all the job portals, based on the keywords you give. It even scans the company HR portals like Honeywell or CSC, which normally don’t post much on the job sites.

5. Knowing and preparing for job opportunities – We can know the projects and opportunities in a company by looking into the job profiles they have. Take some time and equip with skill set. It worked for me. Even before joining the company, I know the work, the clients, even with the names.

6. Maintaining a data base of the HR and company mail ids. Every week you get many mails of job postings which at that time might not be interested. Contact details Ctrl c ctrl v to an excel. Bulk mail with a proper cover letter whenever needed. It works.

7. Linkedin – Most powerful job search at higher experience level and for professional contacts. References from clients, abroad opportunities, all easy.

8. Where the world meets startups says the website, one of the best to find start up jobs. The responses are quick whether yes or no and you can directly connect, follow, partner with companies and co-founders if you can stand out.

Most imp, perseverance rehneka in tough times. Aaj nahi to kal apna number zaroor ayega.

Best Wishes!!

Disclaimer: Above mentioned points or practices are completely personal not directed to any HR dept or any personnel.


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