The ‘Pacifier Ride – Travelogue

Hi All!

Wow! I can’t believe myself that I am trying to express my riding experience.

It’s been almost 2 months at Hyderabad (shifted from Delhi to Hyderabad – another solo ride experience) and every morning I ask myself what the hell I am doing with myself. My family is not here, I do not know anyone here, I don’t have friends here. What the hell I am doing at home?

The daily routine is get up go for a walk and then go to office then back home. Reading book, watching online videos and playing guitar to beat the emptiness. Still something was missing. What was missing, a big question to myself. Then yesterday I decided to move out, I was wondering that if I do what I wish to then only I will get like-minded people. So I left for place called “Turing 18” where one of the best band of Hyderabad was coming live “Aatish”.

On the way to Turning 18, I met this crazy guy on 1970s Bullet “Mr. Sarvan”. I dint took a single minute to request him to stop as I wanted to know more about Hyderabad bikers and clubs. He is one of the key member of the best club of Hyderabad motorcycling “Wanderers group of Hyderabad” This guy added me to the Facebook group and invited me for a morning meetup ride scheduled on Sunday 8th Jan,2017. I was so curious to go there that I could not even sleep. In fact, I was dreaming about it. My dream was that I am riding with the group and heading towards Hampi and I was trying to overtake the other bikes riding in discipline and suddenly ride Marshall (Sarwan – the I guy I met) came and warned me and said no overtaking. My reaction was “what the f**k, why?” (I think this is because I am solo rider and don’t like bondage 😆) Next morning, I was there exactly at 10:30 am and I was delighted to see quite a few like-minded people doing some crazy fun there. I completely enjoyed their company and met many new people. We shared some experience and learned a lot from each other about riding stuff.

But after leaving from there I was again in dilemma what to do next? Next day same morning same office routine. No ride, Nothing. Feeling of emptiness was conquering me.

So this Saturday I decided that I will not booze and promised to myself that I am riding tomorrow morning. Where, I don’t know.

So next morning i.e. 15th Jan, I woke up at 3:30 AM and said to myself that it’s not morning yet, go sleep for another 1 hour. Then I woke up at 6:30 AM 😆. I took bath wore my riding gears and left to a unknown (to me) place. I choose Karim Nagar Highway as it is closer to my place “Kowkur”.

Just after riding for around 25 Km I reached there and I was totally amazed by place. Rocky terrain, Clam Lake, fishes trying to take your snaps and birds were trying to capture them. A place, capable of taking you to trance stage.

There I met two guys from (What else we need, a Job and a place to ride) they were riding bicycle but their bad luck due to these anti-social elements their tire got puncture. I don’t understand why people spoil the place where they go to enjoy with natural beauty. How can they be so selfish and cruel? God please punish them. Somehow they managed to find a Tyre repair shop (500 Mts away from the lake). I offered them help to which they replied very generously that you please don’t spoil your time because of our hard luck (I appreciate their generosity).

I spent some good time there connecting with mother nature. A temple nearby started playing bhajans in telgu at such a high volume that I got disconnected to selfand returned to a world where we value more to others and less to self. So I decided to leave the place. While returning I met these guys again (cyclists). The one whose bicycle got punctured, joined me as pillion rider holding his bicycle. (another unique experience). In fact I believe that traveling is the only thing that enable us understand and to feel the moments. Finally, all ended well. They were good to go and I was all set to start my Sunday on a good note.

Now, I can call it a “Pacifier Ride”. Now I pat on my back to choose Hyderabad as a place to work.

Many more rides to come. I am going to explore every damn place here and I am going to connect to myself.


Thank you for reading.

Guest Post submitted by Varun Singh Deval


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