Freedom Ride 2017, Bangalore – Emotions : Goosebumps : Brotherhood

Bangalore: The night before Aug 15th, 504 members in the going list on the event. 504 members for a ride of 300 km? What is it about? This was not just our group’s Freedom Ride, but associated with many many things around. Many of them haven’t slept the whole night was the excitement levels. Riders were supposed to start at 4:00 AM from different part of the city and then we have seen cars floating, roads blocked, roads submerged with the highest rain in last 10 years in Bangalore city. Our riding crew who were supposed to be at Decathlon at … Continue reading Freedom Ride 2017, Bangalore – Emotions : Goosebumps : Brotherhood

Just Ride with Road Thrill: Temple Run

Originally posted on Soul Warrior:
It was Road Thrill’s 2nd anniversary and we were planning to have a pre-anniversary ride just a week before the Anniversary party. The destination now to be explored was Kolar.  We decided to visit Kurudumale and Avani temples in Kolar district and hence the name “Temple Run” Date: 26th of Feb 2017 Total Distance covered: 275kms No. of people: 17 Route Taken: The starting point was ITI gate bus stop near KR Puram and I was very excited to meet all the Road Thrill members and ride along with them and here goes our 1st… Continue reading Just Ride with Road Thrill: Temple Run

A ride under the stars!

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So by now I am well adjusted to the experience of a bike ride. But then there is always an itch to do something new and something exciting. As usual, my wandering mind asked me ‘Mez, What next?’. Just then I got an invite for a short bike ride to the neighboring state and back. As my eyes scanned over the details of this event, I saw the timing. I silently chuckled thinking there was a typo in the invite, they wrote PM instead of AM in a hurry. On sudden lightening speed realisation, my… Continue reading A ride under the stars!