Daddy’s lil girl! 😊

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It’s been 4 years that I last saw my Dad, but it feels like just yesterday. I still remember waving out to him and wishing him a safe journey as I struggled to open my eyes so early in the morning. I recall our last conversation over the phone later that evening where he was teasing me to keep the house in one piece till he’s back. Am making every attempt to keep that promise but I know he’s can’t come back. My Dad made sure he taught his daughters how to be strong, confident… Continue reading Daddy’s lil girl! 😊

TVS Jupiter vs Hero Maestro

Nowadays scooters are being sold in India in quiet high numbers, and most of the sales volume comes from the 100-110cc category. Hence, it is not surprising that two of the most selling scooters in the country – TVS Jupiter and the Hero Maestro belong to this segment. Regardless of being a piece of a similar troupe, do these two scooters independently have something uncommon to offer? Try not to stress! we are here to analyze both, and help you choose. Design and Styling At first glance, it is hard to differentiate one scooter from another. These two scooters are … Continue reading TVS Jupiter vs Hero Maestro

A ride under the stars!

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So by now I am well adjusted to the experience of a bike ride. But then there is always an itch to do something new and something exciting. As usual, my wandering mind asked me ‘Mez, What next?’. Just then I got an invite for a short bike ride to the neighboring state and back. As my eyes scanned over the details of this event, I saw the timing. I silently chuckled thinking there was a typo in the invite, they wrote PM instead of AM in a hurry. On sudden lightening speed realisation, my… Continue reading A ride under the stars!