Motorbike Road Trips: Things to Carry Checklist

I have always thought to myself, to have a checklist for items mandatory for all one day rides above 100 kms and for all overnight rides. Even on group rides it is highly recommended that every rider carries his own set of spares and tool kits. Though the manufacturer of the bike is the same the dimensions and fits of each bike and model highly varies. Have made one such checklist for our group, and sharing the same.

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Motor Cycle Group Riding and Formations

Group Riding is more about RIDING TOGETHER than about Speed, its about RIDING TOGETHER with the Pack!! Its more about the journey than the destination. Group rides have one rider in the front as a Lead/Ride Captain/Head/.. and one rider behind as a last one in the formation as a Safety Man/Sweep/Tail/.. both the riders communicating to each other. Each rider would be adjusting the speed w.r.t the rider in front and behind, by keeping a look in the rear view mirrors. The riders in between are not supposed to move ahead of the Lead and also ride behind the sweep.

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Some Riding Tips for Long Rides

  • Avoid drinks on the night before the ride. Have proper sleep and loud enough alarms 🙂
  • Dressing: Helmet, Gloves, Proper Shoes, Comfortable Pants avoiding any tight fits. Riding jacket is the best if not knee and elbow guards. The balaklava mask is very handy as well.
  • Carry the bike documents, license and any personal identity card.

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